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Over half of all car shoppers are browsing your site directly from their mobile phones. Our mobile sites are built from the ground up to be user friendly and fast loading and have been tested on all the leading phones.
YouTube Video Integration
Seemlessly Import all of your YouTube videos into your inventory portal with just one click. Customers can see your YouTube videos directly on your website! You can even attach up to 8 videos per vehicle to display on your vehicle pages. YouTube videos dramatically increase your search engine results!
Built-in Google Analytics
Keeping an eye on your traffic is vital in making your website a success. We made it a lot easier for you by incorporating Google Analytics directly into your dealer portal. You'll be able to see whats happening everyday on your website in real time!
DMS Integration
We are all ready integrated with most the leading DMS providers. This gives you the ability to sync your inventory real-time between your DMS provider and your website saving you a lot of time.
Custom Reports
Print Inventory reports directly from your inventory portal. If you ever need a report thats not there we will code it in for you free of charge!
Unlimited Coupons and Specials
Create coupons straight from your inventory portal and attach them to as many cars you want! They also appear on several other pages of your website and are directly printable from anywhere.
Create specials with ease and set timers on them to automatically expire on a certain date!
3rd Party Exports
We have direct inventory feeds to over 300 websites across the web. We have four daily feeds to and so your inventory is always current! Change a price at noon and it changes on autotrader by 3pm. No more waiting overnight for price changes!
Secure Finance Apps
We use high grade double encyrption to secure your finance apps on your website and on your inventory portal protecting you and your customers. All of our certificates are valid and verifiable by you and your customers.
Comment Builder
Comment Builders are built right into your dealer portal. Mix and match comments on vehicles with one click. Vehicle taglines, pricing comments, mileage comments and many more can also be fully customized.
Multiple Lead Forms
We want you to get leads .. lots of 'em! We have built lead forms on most every page of your website to drive shoppers to reach out to you. Standard lead forms include schedule a test drive, make an offer, get pre-approved, call now and dealer contact. We also have trade in valuation and carfinder request forms included.
Unlimited Photos
We have the fastest photo uploader on the planet! Upload all of your photos at one time. whether you want 8 pictures or 200 per car makes no difference. We don't limit you .. so knock yourself out!
Enhanced VIN Explosion
We use the best VIN exploder around. Deep decode options and colors from just the VIN of your vehicle. Show as little or as much information as you want to your customers. Unlike other providers we do not charge you for this feature.
Any Vehicle Type
Add any vehicle to your inventory portal that you like. From cars, trucks, scooters to aircraft we got you covered!
Craigslist Posting Tool
Our basic tool comes free with every website. However, we do have automated tools that are the best around. If you interested in using the best tool on the market then give us a call. It's cost effective and will transform your leads!
Carfinder Request
If your customer can't find what they are looking for they can use your carfinder request form to let you know. This keeps the lead with you and gives you a chance to make the sale happen!
Trade Appraisal
Trades are the lifeline of any good dealership. We have trade appraisal forms built right into your website so any shopper can ask you for a quote. for you it's another chance to bring them into your dealership!
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